About Mojdeh

Mojdeh Rezaeipour is an Iranian-American mixed media artist and storyteller. She is based in her dome studio in the forests of Southern MD and often works in pyrography on wood, incorporating natural elements like roots, petals, branches and pigmented beeswax.  After completing her architectural studies at UC Berkeley, Mojdeh has been involved with many facets of art and design in San Francisco, New York, Rome, Tokyo, Berlin and Washington DC.  She is currently pursuing a self-directed masters as a part of Alt*Div with an emphasis on art as spiritual practice, and has exhibited locally at venues such as Arlington Arts Center (VA),  IA&A (DC), Katzen Art Center (DC), Target Gallery (VA), Olly Olly (VA) and Strathmore Mansion (MD).  Mojdeh's stories have been featured on The Moth Mainstage, Podcast, and Radio Hour, and she served as The Moth's Washington, DC StorySlam Producer from 2015-2018.  She frequently travels for talks and exhibitions and leads independent workshops on visual storytelling.  

About The Work

Mojdeh is interested in the intersections of healing and social justice in our striving for healing and liberation across all borders and scales, starting with the individual human experience.  Rooted in the duality of her childhood in Iran and the disembodied nature of the immigrant experience, much of Mojdeh's work is a semi-autobiographical exploration of systems of oppression, hyphenated identity and wholeness.  She engages with nature as both a medium and a muse, using material such as roots, branches, soil and pigmented beeswax as well as the body itself.  Childhood photos, self portraits and other representations of her often make visual appearances, deconstructed, reconstructed and placed in context through unveiled threads of memory and understanding.   Through this unraveling alongside a play with space, dimensionality and architectural elements, Mojdeh invites the viewer inside the walls of her own learning and into an embodied consideration of our collective  transformation.  

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